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Blackhead Remover

Blackhead Remover

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Do you want to remove blackheads without pain?

Newest Upgraded Technology & Without Hurting Skin


Different from the traditional way of removing blackheads, the blackhead remover creates airflow and centrifugal force, which separates the blackhead from the skin without pain. This blackhead vacuum can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles, and tighten skin after continuously using it for 1 month.


3 Suction levels & 5 Suction Probes 

3 Different powerful suction levels are suitable for different types of skin to achieve genuine deep cleaning. Pore vacuum cleaner level 1 is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, Level 2 is suitable for normal skin, and Level 3 is suitable for combination and oily skin. Meanwhile, 5 replaceable probes are designed for different skin conditions, such as: cleaning up blackheads, removing dirt and grease on the skin, reduce dead skin and fine lines.



Blackhead pore vacuum comes with blackhead remover, USB charging cable, 5 Probes, 
2 Rubber rings. and 5 Filter cotton. The facial pore cleaner has a built-in rechargeable battery. It uses USB for fast charging and long-term standby. The LED screen can check the power and function settings at any time. It is compact and can be carried with you. It is an essential item in your life.


Product Information

Material: ABS + PP


If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just return your product in 30 days
You will receive your item in 09 to 14 working days. We apologize in advance for any potential delays. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cheryl C.

Which works great on the areas I needed it like my temples and nose. If you have any type of acne bump with fluid in it it definitely takes care of it

Clara V.

I had a healthy amount of skepticism while considering purchasing this product, but the skepticism turned out to be unwarranted. I bought it to use on my nose and surrounding area where my pores are larger. It works great for removing oil buildup in the pores, as well as bringing shallower black heads to the service.

Jacob R.

This is a great tool to use in conjuction with retinol products and freshly washed skin.

Emmett S.

Suction power on this is amazing. Please be sure to select the correct suction according to your skin needs. I most definitely would buy this again.

Clinton W.

I didn't know until recently that I had a bacteria in my chin that causes sugar face. I've tried all kinds of washes over the years and they make my face feel like leather. In switching up my diet, washing my face before utilizing this tool, washing once more then moisturizing I've cleared more than half of my acne that has been a problem since I was a teen and I'm 36. I wish I could say it will go away overnight but with the right hygiene practice and this tool, my pores have become a lot smaller, blackheads nearly gone on my nose and sugar face on my chin close to being defeated. If you buy this, STICK WITH IT! Wash properly, use it properly and take your time.